Tuesday, 20 December 2016

#3things: beauty hacks for new mums

Are you a new mum? Do you find yourself congratulating yourself for getting dressed before the sun goes down? I remember the first few months on my son's life, those days when I actually managed to have a shower, wash my hair and put make up on, I felt so much better. It might be superficial but it really did. Before becoming a mum I always had neatly painted nails - I was obsessed and would give myself a fresh coat of nail polish every few days. Now, brushing my hair counts as being "done". Over the past six months I've discovered a few tricks for looking put together in less time.

Nails. I no longer have time to file, buff and paint my nails once a fortnight, let alone every few days. Now, I file my nails once a week and then add a coat of No7's Ridge Filing Base which is fast drying and leaves nails matt and looking buffed.

Eyes. When you're dog tired from night time feeds you'll do anything to feel and look more awake. I love Botanics refreshing eye roll on for soothing and cooling tired eyes. I used to swear by this after a night out. Oh, how my life has changed!

Eyes continued. I'll also admit that I'm more than a little addicted to my mascara - and my eyelash curler. Or I was. I'm not one for regular trips to the beautician but I recently had a treatment that has helped to save me so much time that I might just be converted. I had a lash tint and curl. Genius. No need to curl my lashes every day or use mascara. Basically I've just been adding a little bronzer to give me a healthy glow and I'm ready to go.

What beauty tricks do you use to save you time?

Friday, 9 December 2016

#3things: the essential teething kit

The baby boy is five months old (where did that time go?) and he's definitely teething. In fact, he's been for weeks now.

He doesn't really cry about it too much - except a little at bedtime. But you can tell it's happening because he's gnawing on his fingers a lot and his cheeks are quite flushed most of the time too. Plus there's a lot of dribble - oh my, the amount of dribble!

Over the past few weeks I've put together my essential kit. Here are my top three things to tackle the terrors of teething:
  1. Teething toys. We've got a couple of these - Max the Frog from MAM and Sophie La Girafe.  Sophie is a classic - go to any baby class and at least half of the babies will have a Sophie! Max is a new one for us but is definitely a favourite. His bright colour and small size make him especially appealing to the baby. 
  2. Dribble bibs. Self explanatory really. We go through up to five a day when it's really bad. We've got so many dribble bibs, from cheap multi packs to ones with a teething triangle incorporated. 
  3. Teething gel. i use a lot of this (particularly at night when I'm tired and the baby has been up a few times already) and it does really seem to work. It makes my finger go numb so I'm guessing it does something to the baby's gums.

Otherwise, he's mainly using his fingers to gnaw on.

Have you found anything that works?

Disclosure: we were sent Max the Frog by MAM to try out. All views all our own.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

style: what to wear when breastfeeding #7

I'm a big fan of dresses for breastfeeding right now. This is the first dress I've bought that is specifically designed for the job but I love it. It's so simple and easy and looks good too.

This Asos nursing dress is designed with a clever extra layer that comes up to reveal two slits for easy access!

As it is designed for maternity and post-pregnancy, I found that my usual size was actually too big (would have been fine when I was pregnant) - so I've sized down to get a better fit.

I realise that short sleeves in the winter might not be everyone's choice but I think the breastfeeding has messed with my body temperature as I'm nearly constantly hot. So I've been wearing this with tights and a cardigan and been fine.

Friday, 2 December 2016

style: what to wear when breastfeeding #6

Earlier this week I posted my first new shirt dress from boohoo, now my next - this lovely berry hued number - very festive! Both of these dresses are so easy to throw on over a pair of tights, team with ankle boots and a jacket and head out of the door - after the hours it takes to get the baby ready, obviously!!


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

style: what to wear when breastfeeding #5

Breastfeeding outfits can be hard to come by - particularly if you're unprepared to leave your previous style behind. I was so excited in the final weeks of pregnancy about getting my body - and wardrobe - back (also about meeting the baby - obviously!!). Turns out though that I'd not factored in the fact that I would still be sporting a bump for quite a while and that I'd need easy access for breastfeeding too.

I'm also aware that I won't be breastfeeding forever and want to make sure that any purchases now will last beyond this period. I've mainly been living in jeans and the couple of Marks and Spencer nursing striped tops I have. But it can get a little dull. So I decided to go on the hunt for a few dresses. This star print shirt dress from boohoo is the first I found. I love the pattern on it and the placket elevates it from a simple shirt dress.


Monday, 28 November 2016

20 thoughts my baby has at nap time

I can’t comment on anyone else’s bundle of joy but my bundle seems to delight in putting off nap time for as long as possible. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is what was going through his head at nap time….

  1. Feeling pretty tired now. It’s been at least two hours since I got mummy up. After I’d woken her up at least every hour in the night. I don’t want her to get lonely in the night.
  2. I’ll maybe give my eyes a rub. And yawn a bit. Might whinge a little too. Just so that mummy gets the idea that I’m tired.
  3. But what’s this? She’s putting me in my cot? For a nap? Oh no. That’s not what’s happening mummy!
  4. Well I might as well lie here for a few minutes. Let her think that I’m ready to go to sleep. In my cot. On my own. For the first time ever.
  5. But no. She’s been gone just long enough to be sitting down with a hot drink now. Well more fool her. I’ll cry and she’ll come.
  6. But wait, she did come but only to give me a kiss and a pat and to go again.
  7. Well two can play this game. I can cry all day if I need to.
  8. [some time later…] Yep she’s giving up. I can tell. I’m winning here.
  9. Right, we’re out of the cot and back down with mummy. Result.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

style: mum coat

The cold and wet has arrived: it is now most definitely coat weather. This winter, I'm on maternity leave and so far, my maternity leave has been dominated by walks with the baby in his pram. I was lucky that he was born in the summer and that this particular summer has been lovely and dry but as we march on into winter, wetter days will be more frequent. With this in mind, I started my hunt for a mum coat. My mum coat had to tick a few boxes: 1. be warm, 2. be waterproof, and 3. be stylish. Not too much to ask?

I'd actually spotted this coat in Joules last winter and loved it but as I was pregnant, I didn't really feel like buying clothes that I'd soon be too big for. And am I glad I waited as I got it with 25% off a few weeks ago! It proved perfect for our recent weekend away in west Wales where walks in the countryside and along the beach were the order of the day.

If you're on the hunt for a mum coat this winter, look no further as I've found five of my favourites for you here:

mum style: coats

Shop the post: 1. Luxe Black And Blue Parka Coat at Dorothy Perkins; 2. Uniqlo Light Weight Down Hooded Coat; 3. Hush Eskimo Parka; 4. Fat Face Cheshire Jacket; and 5. Stormaway Waterproof Coat at Joules.